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This is where you can discover who the Li'l Beasties are.

(You can also click on each character for a larger view.)

Beastie Stickers 2


She and Deviler are both street artists. Angel wants to occupy your right shoulder. Gentleness in word, thought and touch, she has the ability to listen. She has the power of gratitude and giving with the ability to sacrifice for the higher good. Angel's adept at finding alternative paths to a goal. 


She has keenness of sight with the power of divination. She's the keeper of all secrets and mysteries of movement through time and space. She's a close confidant of Varvara. 

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Bad Ass’s wife and proprietor of Goldie’s Bar, she’s connected with the energies of the Earth, with a vast knowledge of herbs, roots, minerals, seeds, rivers, and other hidden bounties of the earth. Many of which she uses for potions, tinctures and beer for her bar. 

Her cocktails are legendary.


She has the understanding of the vastness of space. Sparkle knows connections to home over long distances and the power of wandering. He’s the protector while traveling with the ability to go long periods in the dark.

Hoodie B

Hoodie B's a little whistle blower, reclaiming one's power. She's the guardian of energy and the symbol of the feminine. She has the ability to know the dark.



She teaches constant vigilance and how to deal with intensity, whether it be environmental, physical, or spiritual. She is a master of selfdefense and is always prepared for battle. Her size is misleading, for, although she is a small creature, her ability to “slip through the cracks” allows her many advantages. She’s a Scorpio.


He runs BA’s Bail Bonds in China Town and an illicit trade in the catalpa cigar market. BA loves to ride his Harley.



He’s the lookout for Angel and Deviler when they’re making street art.He knows the proper use of aggression with the ability to move gracefully through emotions. He has awareness of power achieved with true cooperation. He’s also the Interspecies communicator. He loves dancing to Afro Pop music, is very stylish and a Sagittarius. 

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