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This is where you can discover who the Li'l Beasties are.

(You can also click on each character for a larger view.)

Beastie Stickers 3


She knows the use of female warrior energy and sisterhood. Bee possesses the understanding of female societies and communal living. She's shy and curls up with you to sleep.


She's the hostess with the mostest! Flower Girl knows the power of the whirlwind for transformation. She always has a kind words to cheer you up if you're down.

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MC Hissin’

He's the rapper in the band. MC says "back off" to meanness and bullies. He embodies the attributes of stealth, cunning and ingenuity. With keen observation he has the ability to see hidden reasons behind things.

Caru Sal

She's the essence of innocence. Love Struck and Love Sick are best friends and the biggest fans of the Beastie Band. She creates her own path while allowing others their own with no interference. She always shows a renewed sense of wonder.


Boogie's the Beastie Band's go go dancer. He has the ability to escape by moving sidewise understanding the power of dance. He's always finding new uses for the seemingly useless.


He loves New York City and is a collage artist. JB lives on avenue B in the East Village. He's the Beastie's elder statesman, very wise and protective.



He's a trickster, he snuck into the Whitney Biennial. Bandit's very fast, "now you see him, now you don't." He understands the nature of masks and disguise. Questioning without fear, he balances curiosity with boldness.


She's an advocate for women's rights. Orange is very independent and always votes. She enjoys life with a defense against negativity. Orange loves investigating weather patterns.

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