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This is where you can discover who the Li'l Beasties are.

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Beastie Stickers 4

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Flame Boy

He's the president of the Beastie Band fan club.He wants to keep you warm and loves to toast bed bugs and stinky cheese. Flame Boy's playful and collects marbles. He's also very protective of Love Child. He knows the secrets of the wild, adaptability and patience.

Li’l Hoodie

She's stubborn, refusing to move when she knows it isn’t right. Saying "no" to others. She ignores others jealousey and opinions. Li'l Hoodie is loyal and protective of her friends.

Star Struck

She's waiting for her closeup, call her limo please! Star Struck loves Hollywood and can be found on the Red Carpet. She loves movies, glamour and is everyone's favorite arm candy. She embodies feminine courage and has the ability to observe unseen. 

Love Child

She's an orphan and a runaway. Love Child wants lots of hugs. She loves to play and has a rescue dog.She's the examiner of life's lessons. Shy and quiet, Love Child understands the importance of details.

Dream Snake

She's a fast swimmer and likes to feast on your nightmares. She awakens the power of self understanding and intuitive abilities. She exibits grace in dealing with others. 


Caru Taro

She brings peace and love. Love Sick's understanding and gentle. She's one of the Beastie Bands biggest fans!


She's the front girl in the Beastie Band. Shy understands that all things are sacred—yet nothing is sacred. Knowing that only when all masks have fallen will we connect with the source and intelligence. She teaches balance between risk and safety.

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