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This is where you can discover who the Li'l Beasties are.

(You can also click on each character for a larger view.)

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He is the explorer of the unknown. He is the wildcard of the Beastie kingdom, surrounded by mystery and a bit of a rebel. When he speaks, it is often in riddles, but with the feeling that he is very learned, most likely from direct experience with the unknown. He plays the congas. Li’l is Winger’s sweetheart.


She’s the lost one looking for validation. She displays innocence and vulnerability, as well as ingenuity and unexpected cleverness. She’s clairaudient having the faculty of perceiving, as if by hearing, what is inaudible. She loves hugs and plays the marimba.

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He’s the mischievous prankster who loves the tambourine. Rainbow sees life as a game and invites others to play. He loves colors. He can detect subtle energy changes and loves the Village People.


She is able to see the truth in others. The guardian of sacred places and the keeper of hidden knowledge, Li'l represents power and life force. Shy, sweet and unassuming, she none-the-less is the leader of the Beasties. She wants to occupy your heart. Loves to roll down hills and play her bass. Li’l’s beau is Winger.


She's a work of art, "move over Jeff Koons!" She smells like Jasmine and rides the MTA. She plays in gardens and likes working with plants. She and Goldie are best friends. Flower understands the power of concentration for prosperity.


She knows how to build strong foundations. She's independent but is the nurturer. She has great will power and helps others get over their insecurities. Glam is the self-help guru. Her favorite color is red. She loves rock and roll and plays a red Stratocaster.


She knows that discipline within a group creates true freedom. She knows how to find new paths and take new journeys. Silverado’s loyal and independent and serves selflessly and forgives freely. She’s the herder, keeping an eye on everyone. Loves rubs and pats. She is a great fan of darts although she doesn’t play and loves to read.


He’s the protector. Loves big boom boxes and tagging.

Deviler wants to occupy your left shoulder. He enjoyes challenges and can use energy of light and dark to shift realities and uncover hidden knowledge.


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